Richardson & Gray

Since 1998, Richardson and Gray Ltd has been designing tours for choir, pilgrimage, and school groups, as well as for those who wish to visit the battlefields of WWI and II. We custom-design our tours for the specifications of each group, and we pride ourselves on our attention to detail and our specialised knowledge which allows us to provide experiences for our groups which are beyond the scope of most tour operators.

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School Tours

When students have the opportunity to venture out of the classroom to see and experience the places associated with their studies, they gain a whole new dimension to their learning.

Battlefield Tours

Touring the battlefields of World Wars I and II is an intensely moving experience. We design itineraries around the interests of each group so that we may include the battlefields, cemeteries and towns that are the most meaningful and evocative.

Choir Tours

Although Richardson and Gray organise many kinds of theme tours, tours for choirs visiting Europe are our particular speciality.